Sunday, August 22, 2010

meet my little sister

Now, I want you to meet my Little Sister. We are matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters' partnership with Kauffman Scholars. (Kauffman Scholars is program in KC that finds low-income, hard-working kids in the urban school districts and will give them a full-ride scholarship to any college that they get in to and choose to attend!) She is 16 years old and just started her junior year of high school.

I chose her because she's the oldest of four kids and had her sights set on Harvard. This reminded me of me at her age. But when I went to meet her in the beginning of July, I realized things would be much different than I anticipated...

She is pregnant and due at Christmas. I was/am definitely not prepared for this but I will not give up on meeting with her and being her friend during this difficult time.

at the KC Ethnic Festival

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