Tuesday, October 5, 2010

photo highlights from august & september!

Labor Day weekend: I went out to Sacramento/Santa Rosa for my cousin's wedding. Horacio is one of the cousins I'm closer to on my mom's side (out of the 36 cousins). He's the one who came to my college graduation and my brother Michael's high school graduation. In this pic, I'm about to read 1 John 4:7-19 in Spanish! (this was funny because my cousin, Javi, read this in English even though he grew up speaking Spanish)

Because my work is awesome and gave everyone a free week of vacation for meeting our fundraising goal, I took off straight from Cali to visit my good old friends in Arizona. It was a great week of relaxing, going to the lake, hiking in Sedona, going spelunking for the first time ever, and hiking a bit of the Grand Canyon (pictured above). I've been friends with Lauren and Vicki since 2nd grade!

The very next weekend, Lauren flew out to KC for something that fell through, so she ended up spending most of the weekend with me, even though we had just spent the previous week together in AZ. Photo: we are eating breakfast together on the Plaza.

The following weekend my roommate and I finally hosted our Housewarming Fiesta, only four months after we had moved in! We had some really crazy weather, so it was not as well attended as we had hoped, but at least we finished decorating our home!

Kansas and Missouri are looking beautiful and the weather is getting crisp. I've been obsessed with all things autumn, so I convinced my brother, Joseph, to come do a corn maze with me a couple weekends ago. It was pretty amazing!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to take these lovely ladies that I tutor to their first ever Royals' game. We didn't really care about the baseball being played and instead talked about which players were cute and took a bunch of silly pictures.

On Saturday, I spent the whole day with my Little Sister. We made a pizza from scratch (the first time either of us had done this), baked chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (picture above), and watched the Princess Diaries. We also had some great conversations about love, her pregnancy, and even faith. I love her!

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  1. I need a copy of our condo picture. Pretty please...!