Saturday, December 11, 2010

I was looking at my profile from a site I haven’t used in two years, and I was just floored by how blessed I am today.

“Passion for Jesus, Compassion for People.”

Currently studying in DC, but the whole world awaits me. In the future, I hope to visit Italy, live in Buenos Aires and serve Latin America in general.

No puedo vivir sin ayudar a los que no tengan los mismos recursos. Es mi pasión y mi misión en la vida, y espero encontrar un trabajo que me deja hacerlo con todo mi corazón. [I can’t live without helping those who don’t have the same resources I do. It’s my passion and my mission in life, and I hope to find a job that allows me to do that with all my heart.]

Visit Italy? Check! My dad and I traveled to Venice and Florence last summer and I got to practice my six semesters of Italian study in person.

Serve Latin America? Check! God has given me a job where I have the daily privilige to serve Latinos in my neighborhood.

So blessed. :)

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