Monday, February 22, 2010

all about perspective

Tonight at church I was reminded about what it feels like to be alive. It’s all about perspective.

Even though the roads were icy, I focused on the fact that I only live 5 minutes away from the new building.

Even though I was assigned to do childcare on an all-worship evening, I focused on the fact that I could actually help out the parents who want to worship with the church community.

Even though my partner didn’t show up to help with childcare, I focused on how sweet the children were and how amazing it was to hang out with them for a bit.

It turned out that because the roads were icy, the children left early, so I was actually able to catch half of the all-worship service anyway. I then ran into a kindred spirit and we spent a long time talking about our desires to be out of debt vs. moving sooner into the heart of “Little Mexico”. I was then able to use this conversation to encourage a friend over the phone about God’s timing. Finally, I had the opportunity to go out to eat with a nice small (love this!) group of church folks and get to know some of the people behind the faces I just recognize every week.

It’s crazy to think back to how much I was dreading driving in the gross/icy weather…worked out nicely, right?