Friday, March 20, 2015

checking in with 2015 goals

Some goals (in no particular order): [written on January 3rd]:

Revive this blog [working on it!]
Read at least one book per month (goodreads) [no progress with this]
Do more art [check]
Finish reading Bible (last year I got more than halfway through the ESV) [basically no progress]
Continue learning French and planning for France trip (April 2016!) [haven't worked on this in a while]
Teach ESL [hoping to do this in the summer]
Learn Nepali [Ashish is sending me the Nepali word of the day]
Help my mom launch a blog and youtube channel [I've had a lot of health issues preventing me from spending time with my mom]
Sundays: family, friends, church. No errands, chores, or work. [check-mostly]
Go to Guatemala for mission trip & vacation (October 2015) [planning on it!]
Make new friends [check!]
Learn how to dance [working on this]
Work on personal projects [kind of...]
Go on at least one date (any takers? haha) [check!]
Get involved with Young Latino Professionals and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce [check!]
Exercise at least three times per week [does walking to work count?]
Switch to organic, natural food & other products (makeup, household cleaners, etc.) [check]
Run at least one race this year [planning on the GCI 5K in May...]

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